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You are a B2B sales representative, successfully experienced in "hunting" for
net new business, "farming" your current client base, or both. Your title
includes any of the following:

  • Sales Representative (Rep)
  • Account Executive/Manager
  • Key/Major/National/Global Sales Rep/Account Executive/Manager
  • Business/Sales Development Rep/Manager/Executive/Consultant
  • Area/Regional/Territory Manager/Rep/Consultant/Executive
  • Field/Direct/Outside Sales Rep
  • Sales Specialist/Associate/Consultant

You are searching for your next career opportunity.

  Your search starts here!

You’ve sold products and services. Now, you are selling your best product--you--and your most-valued service--your sales expertise. Your objective in this sale? Get the initial interview! (ESR) provides you with a comprehensive portfolio of professional looking yet vivid, and persuasive job-search documents--your cover letter, resume, and thank you letter. The first two are your primary documents which are designed to influence the reader (hiring manager or recruiter) to grant you an initial interview.

There are two steps involved with influencing the reader:
1. Initiate interest--through the appearance of your cover letter and resume.
2. Continue interest--through the content of these two documents, especially the latter.

Utilizing out-of-the-box thinking and basic marketing techniques ESR will craft for you a polished and eye-catching cover letter and resume to grab the reader's attention so they can review it, thereby advancing their interest and be impressed with what you have to offer as a solution to their employee need. Thus the odds of the hiring manager or recruiter contacting you for a first interview are increased.

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You are the first core value. Your success in getting the interview is paramount.

The value to you for your resume, to be the best it can be, is immeasurable.

There is only one way of doing business with you—with integrity and the highest standards of ethics. 

Passion, Drive, and Quality
It is the passion of to be driven in providing you with job-search documents of the utmost quality.

Your new and professionally-crafted resume will enable you to increase your chances of getting the interview. 

It is greatly appreciated that you have entrusted your resume writing with

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