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“It’s all about standing out in a competitive job market. Anything you can do that differentiates you will be effective as long as it’s not in a negative light.” -- Workplace expert and author Dan Schawbel

A resume is a strategic marketing piece, an advertisement, designed to get you the initial interview in your job search. It must strongly demonstrate (1) not just what you did but how well you did it, and (2) that you will help fulfill the employer’s need to accomplish such goals as increased revenue or market share. It is just like the product or service you currently sell; it is the solution for the customer’s need.

There are many schools of thought concerning resume writing. Some herald the usual “vanilla” format that has been used for decades: standard look, font, etc. There are many people who have succeeded in getting a job interview with the “old way.” That’s fine.  No matter the endeavor or activity, there will always be the advocates who will never budge from what they consider the old tried and true method of accomplishing these.

However sales jobs usually have stiff competition. Just look at LinkedIn. Sign into your account and click the Jobs tab, input your job title in Search jobs and your city in Search location then click Search. When you click on an opportunity from the left column you will see the job details in the right column—including within the Job sub-column how many other applicants there are already. believes your resume should not just be professional looking. It should be eye-catching, so you can stand out from your competition and enhance your odds of getting the interview.

“I’ve been a recruiter for 30 years.  I’m sure I have reviewed over 500,000 resumes. I can’t prove this but I’m reasonably confident that this is the case, as this is only an average of about 46 a day. I know many days I have reviewed hundreds of resumes and most in less than 20 seconds. I would say the average is probably around 5 to 7 seconds.” -- Brad Remillard, a founding Partner of IMPACT Hiring Solutions, co-author of You're NOT the Person I Hired, and This is NOT the Position I Accepted.

Still want to send a plain cover letter and resume?

"Fortune favors the bold." -- Virgil

"Who dares wins." -- British SAS (Special Ops) motto

"Observe the masses and do the opposite." -- Walt Disney utilizes color, testimonials, a special resume cover, an eye-catching way to write a cover letter, and a distinctive salutation for the cover letter when you do not have the contact’s name.
Selling requires boldness. You are bold because you're in sales. Win by observing the masses and doing the opposite. Let your resume reflect your boldness-- right now .

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