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Put your resume in a folder

Go to Staples or your local 99 cent store and pick up a pack of solid color, two-sided folders. If possible, get folders in the color of your intended companies' logo colors. (Ex: Xerox, a red folder). Present the interviewer your resume in the folder. They may verbally or non-verbally acknowledge that you took the time to not only present your resume professionally, you did in their company's color. (Obviously if you know beforehand you'll be interviewed by more than one person, bring that number of folders in the same color. Or just bring several, as many recruiters advice.)

Your brag book

You need to have one. It is akin to your brochures, links, customer testimonials, etc. touting how great the product/service you are currently selling is. A brag book is your portfolio of documentation showing your current and past sales accomplishments, showcasing your stellar qualifications for the position. It should contain every type of award, accolade, and triumph you can provide. A 30/60/90 day plan would also be a valuable inclusion. If possible, make copies of your sales contracts or at least the largest revenue-producing ones. If your office sales board shows your remarkable numbers, take a picture (s) of it, then use a photo editor. Draw a yellow circle around your name and numbers to highlight this attainment. Include this photo (s) in your brag book.

How you want to create is up to you. You have three options.

1. Simply use a three-ring binder and put your documents into clear sheet protectors, starting with the most recent. 

2. You also can go all out with a table of contents, sections and dividers, and have it professionally bound at Staples or FedEx Office.

3. You can scan and digitize it, then save it on a thumb drive as a PDF. If you don't have access to a scanner, you can have this done at Staples or FedEx office. This option is highly recommended because:

       (A) When applying online many sites have a section entitled "Additional documents." In addition to your cover letter you can upload your digitized brag book!  You can also email it as an attachment when dealing directly with a hiring manager or recruiter.

        (B) At the interview you can leave your brag book for the hiring manager to review at their leisure. Give them the opportunity to upload it from your flash drive. You could also just give them the drive, though buying several USB sticks for interviews may become an unnecessary expense.

NOTE: If your brag book PDF file is too large for uploading or sending as an attachment, you will need to compress it. Use either Adobe or an online service like .

A webcam, your smartphone, or your tablet

Many companies including Staples, Smith + Nephew, and FedEx Office are doing video interviews nowadays. They would notify you in an email that the next step in the process is a video interview (with the recruiter and/or hiring manager.)  Make sure you are prepared and have such capability. Also know that you will be professionally dressed for this just as if you were doing an in-person interview, and that you have privacy and quiet in the area that you will be filming.

For you guys: make sure the area of your man cave that will be in the background of your video is clean.

Snail mail

Why not submit your resume the old fashion way in addition to applying online? An underlying philosophy of this site is to observe the masses and do the opposite, go the extra mile, and do what most applicants won't do. It only makes you look better and separates you from the rest of the applicants.

If you don't have a contact name, address the envelope to the company's HR Department.

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