Operation C-Suites is both a complementary and supplementary process for when you apply for your new job. It is based on seminars that have helped thousands of sales professionals from corporations like Canon, 3M, and Hewlett-Packard become top revenue producers. These top sales reps do what their fellow salespeople don’t or won’t do: contacting the C-level Executives and their Executive Assistants when they prospect for business!

This additional technique was designed to increase your odds of getting your job application seen and considered quicker by you communicating with the C-Suites. It is highly recommended not to let your application be “one and done.” There are too many variables in all online job submissions: timing of your application, software (the Automatic Tracking System, ATS, which scans, processes and often disqualifies applicants), or the personal/professional pet peeves of the company hiring manager/and or recruiter.

Operation C-Suites is strictly for job postings directly from the hiring company, advertised either on the company website or a job site. It is not for ads from outside recruiters and staffing agencies, and is not to be used with such ads. They make their money by having client companies and as such should be professionally respected.

Note: When we buy a lottery ticket, there are no guarantees we will win anything. We are, essentially, increasing our odds of possibly/potentially winning money. This is the same here. There are no guarantees that Operation C-Suites 
will definitely get your application considered faster. 

Download your free copy of Operation C-Suites here.

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