1. Value to you: more for your investment  This is demonstrated with your ten job search documents.   
Your resume
- One Word document (with or without testimonials)       
- One Plain Text document (with or without testimonials)

Cover Letters (including a special way to overcome not having the contact's name!)       
- Company Cover Letter - Two Word documents, with and without contact name                      
- Recruiter Cover Letter  - Two Word documents, with and without contact name                 
- Unsolicited Cover Letter, a.k.a. Cold Cover Letter  - One Word document for applying for a job that is not advertised.      

Thank-you letters       
- After an interview - One Word document       
- After meeting at a job fair - One Word document    

Operation C-Suite

2. Real-world Experience
EagleSalesResumes’ owner, through his own job applications and interviews, knows what sales managers and recruiters look for. He knows how to showcase this in your resume.

3. Out-of-the-box thinking 
There’s always competition for sales positions. You can see that on LinkedIn’s job search “See how you compare to ___ of applicants” section in the job listings.    

In order for you to get a leg up on the competition and increase your odds of getting that initial interview, you need out-of-the-box thinking to produce superior, distinctive job search documents. The operational foundation for EagleSalesResumes.com is out-of-the-box thinking.   

The elements of this out-of-the-box thinking:                

A. Appearance is everything              
Like it or not, this is a fact. An attractive appearance catches the eye, leading to curious interest. Your new cover letter and resume are designed for hiring managers and/or company recruiters to be visually attractive, leading to interest to reader further. Thus, you initially have enhanced odds for your application to be considered!    

To maintain their interest and maximize those interview odds, your new cover letter and resume will display compelling and verifiable information. This is your successful sales history. Your information will be shown in a clean yet boldly confident, easy-to-read look.                  

B. Basic, yet extremely effective marketing techniques.             

These include a small splash of color, bold text in appropriate places, and accolades, i.e., testimonials. This is the basis of the bold confidence your documents are displaying to the reader.   

4. The values of EagleSalesResumes.com    
You are the first core value. Your success, especially during this challenging time, in getting the interview is paramount.   

The value to you for your resume, to be the best it can be, is immeasurable.   

There is only one way of doing business with you—with integrity and the highest standards of ethics.    

Passion, Drive, and Quality
It is the passion of EagleSalesResumes to be driven in providing you with job-search documents of the utmost quality.     

Your new and professionally-crafted resume will enable you to increase your chances of getting the interview.     

It is with immense gratitude that you have entrusted your resume writing with EagleSalesResumes.


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